August 30th, 2020 by Budd



Each year we close the Bucks Bait and tackle shop right after Labor day. Been doing this for 26 years now.

The reason is simply that business here drops off sharply every fall and we re-open when ice forms and winter fishing begins.

We are NOT closing due to Covid 19 ,

Although that did play havoc with our business. But we managed through it and will continue through winter.

The only difference this holiday is that if we run out of bait before Labor Day, we will close sooner. So if you need bait, tackle, Lorie Rigs, you have 1 week left . or less.

Thank you all for putting up with our Michigan mask law,   (ME) ,and being so polite and keeping us all safe.

We will see you this winter and next year, God willing.

Thank you, God bless all of you.

Budd and Lorie.



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