July 26th, 2020 by Budd

Yes, it appears we have better fishing conditions now on our inland lakes, Long and Grand lakes.

We are seeing more people fishing than earlier this summer and we are getting much better catches and happier customers.

Some of my family had a chance to fish this past week and weekend, and the results were very gratifying. Walleye, Pike, Bass and a lot of Blue gills and Sunfish. Perch are finally starting to show up again as well.

The most successful bait was night crawlers and crawler harnesses. We have also seen a lot of spinner lures and rapalas, flicker shades and reef runners leaving this shop.

We have a giant selection here of those famous LORIE RIG night crawlers harnesses rated # 1 in many shops .

Our weather is all over the place lately. Hot, cool, thunderstorms, drought. Pretty much like a lot of areas so the fishing is all over the place too. But the success rate is much better than the last 2 months for sure.

We have minnows, giant Canadian crawlers in Styrofoam boxes to ensure longer life and happy customers.

If you have ever bought crawlers in those plastic cups???tsk tsk. Ought to be a law.

Folks, thank you all for wearing the masks and protecting us and yourselves. Needless to say, none of us like them but they are mandatory.

Hope to see you soon



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