June 13th, 2019 by Budd

Rainy days here have negatively impacted fishing in our area. Combine that with low temps and you have a very undesirable series of days for fishing these beautiful lakes.

Obviously there is nothing anyone can do to change this but it is frustrating to say the least when you folks plan a fishing trip. Especially if you have to travel a great distance to get here

High winds, cold air and cold water, and very high water is what you will find if you go out on either Long lake, Grand lake. And Lake Huron.

The few people who have gone out here have had some nice catches especially with Bass. Some walleye are being caught as well as Pike. Perch. Are being caught, some nice big ones too, but by no means in huge numbers. Yet.

The depths are unknown right now and some bass are still on beds. But they will hit if you can get out there and fish. Favorite live rigs for bass are the Lorie Fly rigs with Crawlers. Favorite artificial rigs are the Strike King spinner baits and Buzz baits. Also popular are the artificial frogs, craws, gobys, and most top water lures.

Those Walleye are just loving the crawlers and night crawler harnesses, of which we have plenty. They are simply called, Lorie Rigs.☺🐋

I surely do NOT want to discourage a fisherman in any way. But our weather right now is really lousy. Has been for about 4 weeks running. But I am told that anything too bad OR too good NEVER  lasts forever. So this weather is bound to change and soon we hope,

Regardless of weather patterns, we WILL be here, open for business. And hoping!

And we have a lot of fishing “stuff”



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