October 16th, 2018 by Budd

We had our first snow yesterday, and it was great to see it. I don’t like shoveling snow any more than you do, BUT, this marks the first serious sign of ice fishing season coming soon. We love that.

We have been busy here making the store look great, and restocking a lot of ice fishing equipment. The minnow tanks have a fresh coat of paint, and the place does looks great.

For your fishing pleasure we have a lot of ice lures. Stuff like Rapala jigging lures, Lorie Rig ice rigs, Swedish Pimples, Hali, Buckshot lures, great selection of tear drops, those Perch and Walleye “TALKER” lures. Wow, and lots more.

Our Polar Tip Ups are priced right, hand augers, spuds, sleds, ice line, ice scoops, fillet knives, aerators,minnow buckets, propane, Mr Heater, and so much more.

We also have GIFT CERTIFICATES. All items in this store including live bait can be bought with a gift cert. GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT.

We will reopen DEC 15, regardless of ice and weather conditions.

That is only 2 months away.🎅




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