August 30th, 2018 by Budd

Wow, summer months flew by again. Here we are going into Sept. Already and Labor Day weekend. Summer is showing signs of leaving us.

So, while we’re still open, we’ll make the best of the time left and so can you. Obviously there is still time to catch fish here and enjoy the cooler days, and the leaves changing color.

People fishing here are still catching perch, walleye and bass. As well as pike. Night crawlers on crawler rigs or fly rigs (LORIE RIGS OF COURSE) are still your best option and chance to catch fish.

This 18 lb lake trout was caught August 30, 2018 in a KAYAK off Rockport harbor.

Lower photo show a youth loading large perch into live well after using Lorie’s FLY RIGS!!!

Now for the big question we get asked this time of year, every year. WHEN DO WE CLOSE THE SHOP?AND WHY.

The answers are very simple and have not changed in the 25 years we’ve been here. First of all, we don’t WANT to close, we HAVE TO. There just is no reason to stay open. Our live bait deliveries come to a halt, customers fade away, and we have no good reason to be here. The short answer to this is we will close sometime soon after Labor Day.  We will have that response on our phone, door, sign, and on this site. The rainy weather we are now experiencing, after a drought, will impact that decision too.

HOWEVER.  We will reopen for ICE FISHING season by Dec. 15. You folks will have hunting on your agenda soon, good luck and we’ll see you in Dec.

And thank you all for your business this year. We do appreciate your patronage.

I will from time to time change this site just to say hello and give you news worthwhile in our area regarding fishing.





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