February 25th, 2015 by Budd

Don’t write off winter 2015 yet, we still have plenty of good ice fishing ahead of us. Here at Long and Grand lakes, we have great ice conditions, and good solid ice.I am hearing the ice is somewhere between 18 inches thick, to 36 inches thick. There is some snow on the lakes, but not an overwhelming amount. Great for all modes of transportation, foot, ski, snowmobile, and ATV. If you are going to use a car or truck, that is your call, most definitely not mine.
And the ice fishing catches right now are slow, and that is due to the solid ice cap on the lakes now. I will not paint a false picture for you and tell you this as good as it gets, because it just is not. However, being outside and fishing has got to be more productive than the couch or TV, right ? Healthier too. And I also doubt that in a few weeks most of you will be crying about how short this past winter was. ” Geez, just where did the winter go so soon ? ”
But it is winter still and I know you love the great outdoors, and we have prime conditions for you, right now. And that slow fish bite ? It has a habit of turning back on at any time.
We hope to see you here soon, and take advantage of the beautiful lakes and fresh air here, and maybe even get some really nice fish.


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