March 30th, 2015 by Budd

If this is spring, let me have winter. Na, spring is here, just around the corner. Lake Huron is thawed, except for a few ice burgs and some ice flow here and there. Seagulls, Geese, Swans and other feathered folks are out there waiting too. We still get below freezing at night, snow dusting, and general setbacks daily,but hey, Easter is just around the corner, so hang on. I even saw a freighter coming in to Alpena a few days ago.
Long lake and Grand lake are still quite frozen looking. We took a ride around both and saw no evidence of melting, water, or people. According to my record book of 22 years now, we have always had open water by April 15. It has come very close to that, but this year I would not venture a guess as to the big melt down.I do not see snow in the woods around the lakes and the streams are running very slowly right now.
We have been busy here at the bait shop, painting, sprucing the place up, and restocking the shelves with some very exciting tackle. I know I can’t wait to try some of these new lures myself. Next big step is the outside area, when the snow finally melts and lets us work in the yard.If you see us out there raking, and painting, honk as you go by, and keep us inspired.
Lorie has been working hard to fill her orders for Lorie Rigs, and build our arsenal of harnesses and fly rigs.
On a personal note, yours truly is now a Great Grandfather, to a beautiful girl whose name is Emily.I know, most of you who have children, grand children, and even great grands, think they are treasures. Well they are, and Emily is right there on the top.
Keep thinking Spring. I have seen a few boats on US 23, so folks are getting ready to hit the water.We still have a target date of opening May 15. And we hope to see you then. More updates will follow.

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