June 26th, 2015 by Budd

According to the calender, summer is indeed here in north east Michigan. We may not have scorching hot heat, but I hear few complaints from tourists or local folks when it hits ” about ” 70,as it is now. In fact,I do hear sighs of relief and see smiles when the folks from the southern states arrive.
Here’s the great news, the fishing has been a lot better this year than in previous years, both on Long and Grand lakes, as well as the Thunder Bay area in Alpena.
” What’s in these lakes ?” Well folks, walleye, bass, pike, perch, gills and crappies. Thunder Bay is the exciting spot for bigger boats, looking for and finding good walleye fishing, and catching them quickly.
Our sales indicate a huge surge of stick baits for the walleye, and a lot of crawlers and Lorie rigs for all the fishermen [ ladies] using live bait. The bass are hitting tubes, crawlers, spinner baits, and leeches. The pike are hitting Mepps, suckers, and yes, your smaller fish you are caching like perch and gills.
All in all, the sales here are up significantly, which means my customers are catching more fish, it just works that way. We may not hear a whole lot of verbiage about where, how deep, how many, what colors, and even what lake they were in, but we sure do know what is leaving this store. If you would like to share this information with us, come on in, and talk, and we’ll talk, it works that way too.

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