THIS IS JULY…right ?

July 15th, 2014 by Budd

Folks, most of you who know Lorie and I, know we usually have plenty to say when you get to this store, but this weather has left us speechless.  That is why I have not changed this site for awhile. We like to give you some knock your socks off great fishing news, a real get out there and fish urge. But we have been plagued with cold nights, cool days, and high winds. And when it does warm up, the winds get worse.

I will say this right off the bat though. Those of you who do get out on those few nice days and nights are having a ball. Most of you, okay ? Always one nay sayer in any crowd. Anyway, the catching is good, Pike, oh my, any where, Bass, super good, Walleye, good, Gills and Perch, fair to good. But you can count the really good fish-able days in July on one hand. Maybe one a half hands.

The answer to all this frustration is to get out there when you can and fish your guts out, I mean it, enjoy the time you can get out there, and catch fish. In fact a lot of the folks fishing tell me how nice it is to have so few out there, and have the whole lake to themselves.  { no bait shop owner will agree to this.}

Very  soon now, Aug. 2, Saturday, The fabulous Long Lake family fun day will be here. You will need to have  your entry card, a $15.00 pass for the entire household, to fish, win prizes and cash, and have fun. Weigh in at Dodge Marine, and remember, ALL children will receive a prize regardless of fish caught. We have those entry cards right here at Bucks. This is a fun day, an easy day, only goes from 7 to 3. Do not be late for weigh in though, 3 pm sharp.

Anyone can fish this fun day derby, anyone. It matters not where you live, just get the card first,and fish, you don’t have to sign in until you weigh in. And please weigh in all fish regardless of size, as long as they are legal fish.

And an update on our ruptured minnow tanks. Right now we have no tanks. We sell crawlers, worms leeches, and a lot of tackle. The tanks will be remade this fall, and not before. I will say that if you fish with a Lorie rig, or Lorie Fly Rig, you will catch a lot of fish and all species will hit them. These rigs tipped with either crawlers or leeches, or worms, will work magnificently for you.

We hope to see you soon, and that the weather warms up and settles down


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