JULY 2017

June 25th, 2017 by Budd

This July will hold a lot of great fishing events for everyone. We start off with the traditional fourth of July fireworks in downtown Alpena on the fourth. Then on the 8 th of July the Grand Lake family fish derby is held. Free of charge, just bring your fish or your children s fish to the pavilion at the very north end by 7 pm. That’s it. Show fish, win prizes, cash prizes, NICE.

Then on the 14 of July, the famous Brown Trout Derby kicks off. Wow. Prize money for Salmon,Browns, Steelhead, Lake Trout, Walleye, Bass. Oh yeah, this is big.

And here at Bucks we have added some very nice tackle for that event that were absent some previous years. We have some down rigger rods and line counters, cow bells, salmon spoons galore, lead core, stainless steel downrigger line, Ande line,  J-plugs, XXX spin and glows, rigged and not rigged, dipsey divers, dodgers, squids, retriever kits, repair kits, sleeves, ball bearing swivels, 1/0, 2/0 treble hooks. And more, but hey you just have to come see this stuff and get some before it disappears to your competition.

If that is not enough excitement for you, then listen up. Right now, you hear me,? RIGHT NOW the folks are out on Long and Grand lakes catching huge amounts of Perch, Walleye, and Sunfish. All you need for this is some crawlers, minnows, Lorie rig crawler harnesses, or fly rigs, and water. The water is free in the lake. No I’m serious. You really need to get in on this action before it gets too late and you once again were just a Tuesday too late guy. WOW ! Fishing this good does not happen every summer. sure we’ll show you where. So come into the store, buy some goodies, ask where’s this hot spot  and we’ll show you and tell you  all you need to know. And in that order too. 🙂

We have minnows for perch, baby suckers for bass and walleye and pike, crawlers and worms, and bee-u-t-ful leeches.

And a lot of Lorie Rigs.This is THE HOME OF LORIE RIGS

We also have a great campground just north of our bait shop, very nice, with great folks running it, docks, camp fire rings, showers, bathrooms, pavilions and ample parking for you boat and trailer. Very Nice.







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