November 20th, 2015 by Budd

It is the second week of deer camp, but our favorite time of the year is just ahead. We have decided that we will be opening Dec 11, Friday, as soon as the minnows are delivered. We have some cold nights now and some snow coming so the warm weather is just about done, and ice fishing is in our sights now.

First ice is historically the best fishing in any and all inland lakes.We look forward to the start and will keep you posted again in a few weeks. In the meantime, good luck hunting, happy Thanksgiving and just think how easy it would be to get a deer if they could be caught on a Lorie Rig ?

Hali jigs, Buckshots, Rapala Jigging lures, Lorie Rigs, Swedish Pimples, Russian spoons, Tear drops, etc, and all the stuff you need to put these on, hooks, sinkers, line, tip-ups [ Polar $10.99, any color] sleds on sale, spuds, hand augers on sale, propane bottles, heaters [on sale]. GIFT CERTIFICATES,Yep, we’re ready for you, AND WE DO ACCEPT VISA,MC ETC, ETC. Here’s a picture of some of our new ice rods and tip-ups, all priced to sell.


OPENING DEC 11, 2015.

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