April 22nd, 2017 by Budd

Even though our weather here has been very unpredictable, and lousy most days, this shop will open on time, May 5. If you are not from around here you might want to know that the water tables are high, the temperatures fluctuate from sub freezing at night to anywhere from 40 to 70 during the day. There are no leaves visible on our trees yet, and ground flowers like daffodils etc are just starting to bloom. Way behind our southern counties like Detroit.

But this will not deter us from ¬†opening on time. The fish will be there no matter what the weather, and it will just be a matter of figuring out where they are. Same old song and dance. There are no guarantees in fishing that’s for sure and most of you know that. But the sport still remains just that, a sport. And it should be fun.

We are certainly ready for you though. Our tackle stock is in, and plentiful. Lots of surprises and the live bait will be delivered May 5.  Our Lorie Rig wall looks great as always, and there are a lot of new rigs to look at and try there as well.

12 days. Cinco de Mayo. 8AM

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