DEC. 16 2016

December 2nd, 2016 by Budd

We will reopen our business this Dec 16, just a few days away now. This date is solid, and according to our weather Gurus, the ice will be solid too. Starting tonight, Dec 2, the night temps will be in the 20 degree range and stay there for quite a  while.

We have ordered our live bait for that day, and we already have a huge stock of ice tackle in place for you to enjoy. We’ll start off opening at 7 am, and close at 5 pm, 7 days a week.

There will be tournaments in our area as usual, and I am planning one right here at Buck’s. More on that as the ice thickens. We do plan to have an early one though, maybe in January to get the ball rolling.

Our Lorie rig wall is fully stocked now, and we plan to have a nice  “Lorie Rig ” hat drawing weekly. All you have to do to enter this is purchase 4 Lorie rigs, and you get a chance to enter the drawing. That’s pretty easy, since you already know how good the Lorie Rigs work. Every 4 rigs gets you another chance to win. These are not cheap hats either. They are nice full canvas caps with a beautifully embroidered Walleye on it, as is the the Lorie Rig logo.  Someone is going to win one each week of this winter.You can’t buy them though, they are ” free”.


Wow, we’re excited and anxious to re-open. Ice fishing is a great season for all of us, and Christmas is just around the corner too. Did I mention  we have GIFT CERTIFICATES  too ? If you have someone who loves to fish, or want to make shopping easy and rewarding, imagine giving that person a gift certificate for fishing tackle, or bait, in any amount, and how happy you will make that person. We accept all credit cards, checks and cash, and the Christmas GIFT CARDS come in a nice  Christmas envelope too.

Well, that’s enough advertising,  the fishing reports will be coming in soon, and that’s where you come into the “picture”. We need your input, and  I- pad or smart phone pics sent to us, and we will post them if you like.

See you soon.

Lorie and Budd

OPENING DEC. 16, 2016

7-5    DAILY 7 DAYS A WEEK  (closed Christmas day, but open right through News Years  )

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