July 26th, 2016 by Budd

Oh, my goodness. The summer is heating up, the fun is out in and on the lakes, and where are you ? Do not miss the fun about to begin the second half of summer !

Remember, August 6 is the LONG LAKE  family fishing fun day. It’s just that too, fun fishing. To re-iterate, August 6, register right here at the bait shop. For $15. 00 you can have the entire household enjoy a day of cash prizes, gifts for all the children, food, refreshments, and fun galore. That’s right folks, GALORE. RAFFLES  After you pay the $15.00, you also have the opportunity to donate cash, as much as you like for stocking fish in this beautiful lake. We have to do it ourselves, folks, DNR has no funds for the restocking, but we have their blessing at least to plant fish, so let’s help, IF YOU CAN. If not, well enjoy the festival anyway. Also, remember this, ANYONE CAN FISH THIS LAKE, AND TOURNAMENT. You need not live on, near or by the lake. You do not even have to be from Michigan.  7 to 3, Sat, Aug 6, just get your pass right here unless you already have one, and GO FISH.

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We have had some successful fishermen/ladies,  and children, as well as some not so successful Whoa, sounds a lot like fishing doesn’t it ? With the  heat building, the winds blowing, we have had some evaporation going on in the lakes, not a big surprise. but there are still a lot of fish in the lakes, and that is what we are all about, fish, and fishing, and catching. Also GUYS, you might just meet some beautiful ladies who like to fish.

We have added some new color combinations to our Lorie Rig Night Crawler Wall of Fame. Man are they fish grabbers, just wait until you see them and use them.

We accept cash, Mc, Visa etc.




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