December 16th, 2014 by Budd

We just finished a 1/2 week open with a real odd mix of weather, fishing reports, and just have to wonder what’s next.
Long and Grand lakes have had about 6 inches of ice, but we just had 4 days of 40 and rain. Tomorrow we appear to be headed into the winter zone again, and there are some very cold nights ahead, which will snap these lakes back into good solid ice and accessible to us.
The initial reports were very encouraging too, on both lakes. We heard of walleye catches, good perch catches and in a lot of areas too. The names of the areas that were ” hot ” are familiar to those who have fished here a lot. Silver weeds, Big Gravelly, French road area, Whiskey bay, Whiskey Point, Mettzler Bay, Black Bass Bay, Three Sisters, in front of Sand Bay marina, and so on.
The live bait used were perch shiners, and blues, and wax worms. The lures were tear drops, Rapala jigging lures, Lorie Fly Rigs,Swedish Pimples, and many just plain old hooks.
We have our hopes high again for that cold air, and it is coming folks, just look at the extended forecast for Alpena. Christmas through New Years will be a real good time here.
I don’t know if that 6 to 8 inches of ice is still solid and safe right now, but it soon will be,so use caution, and a spud. You’ll need ice cleats too.

We are open now weekdays, 7 to 5

Sundays 7 to 3

We will be open Dec 24 from 7 to 2, then closed Christmas day.

We will then reopen Dec 26, and not close at all during the New years break.

I’ll keep you ” posted ” as to the ice conditions and what I hear about the fishing.
So check the site often.

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