January 12th, 2017 by Budd

This customer of mine who fishes at least 3 times a week, came into today and asked me if I’d like two bags of fresh perch fillets. All I could think to say was, REALLY ? And so I was then the proud recipient of two rather large zip lock bags of perch fillets. NICE.


This customer, who we’ll call Jim, loves to fish and is very good at it, summer and winter. And he’s a great example to show off and talk about. Jim lives close by and will fish either Long or Grand lake, with astounding results. And he is not afraid to move around from spot to spot or lake to lake. He knows if the fish aren’t biting in one place, they will probably be some where else.  Makes sense when you think of that old saying    ‘ Everybody has to be someplace.” So do fish. If you see ” Jim”, count yourself lucky and ask him as many details you can about his catch, or lack of. He will answer you in detail and honestly. We have a lot of “Jims” around here, and a lot of ” not so much ”   Jim types.

But here’s the rest of the story. Our two lakes, Long and Grand have great ice conditions, plenty of snow for machines, and a lot of fish being caught. We have NOT suffered any kind of melt down or bad ice conditions here, like we’re hearing about downstate, or west of us. Most guys, Jim especially, tell me we have somewhere between 8 t0 12 inches of good hard ice, and some snow.

What’s working, whats biting, what are they biting on ? We know because we sell all that stuff. Minnows, wax worms, wigglers, pike suckers, Lorie rigs, hooks, jigs, lures and finesse and patience sometimes. Walleye, Perch, Pike, are ALL hitting here. If you want fish, come on in here, get some Lorie Rigs and other stuff too, and get outfitted with the best and get off the couch, off the phone, and FISH.And also, sign up for some tournaments if you have that competitive spirit. We’ll set you up.




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