April 20th, 2015 by Budd

We waited a month to be able to say that, but the re-open sign will soon be on. We are as anxious as most of you are to start those boat motors, toss in a line, and catch some rays and fish.
The lakes are completely thawed and open now, and most areas have their public docks installed. I noticed Sunday that a loader was pushing the docks in at the fairground launches. I have seen a few boats trolling the Thunder Bay at times, but only a few. And their docks are in as well, at the small boat harbor and behind the post office. So far I count one fishing boat docked at the harbor. Soon, that will change and it will be a great sight to see.
We’ve had a good variety of cold and warm weather, and we will even be blessed with a snow/rain pattern this Wed. But you don’t log in here to get a weather report.
I don’t have a fishing report yet, because there are no boats to interview, but the lake levels are still high, and we see no reason at all why fishing won’t be spectacular this summer, ESPECIALLY early in the season.
The best thing I can say right now, is to encourage you to get your docks in the water, the blue plastic OFF those boats, and look into your tackle boxes to see what you need,or want, and get those reels ready with new line.
And then on May 15, get into Bucks Bait shop [ please] and get what you need, or want, to start catching fish.
And ALWAYS fish with a Lorie Rig : – )

RE-OPENING MAY 15, 2015- 7 AM

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