April 17th, 2014 by Budd

As of this posting, April 17, 2014, winter here seems about done. We did however, this week, get blessed with a 4 ” snow storm. That has melted, and we are essentially snow free, save for the mounds created by plow trucks.

The Thunder Bay area is open water, as is Lake Huron all the way to the Straits. The Alpena harbor has water around the edges, about 10′ out from shore, so that will be open very soon. The Nine Mile dam, had 4  chutes open yesterday, creating a water wonderland of rapids and ice flow, and making fishing in that area very dangerous. Only a few folks were fishing from the shore line, but I did not see any results

Long Lake and Grand Lake are normally open by now, free of ice, but this year that thick ice is hanging tough, and getting softer each day. A guessing game is now on as to when the big thaw will happen. When it does thaw, it is usually  very sudden and very welcome.

This year, in view of the extraordinary large amount of ice, very cold days and nights, still happening, our opening date has been delayed until MAY 19. Or about 4 weeks.  We will be opening with fresh live bait of course, the kind that does not die before you get to the lake, and a lot of great tackle to choose from , that just came in. In addition to the favorite manufactured baits, we will be introducing some new tackle here.

The  ” Lorie Rig ”  Tackle  Co.  baits will be in abundant supply, both the fly rigs and the crawler harnesses. This year we are adding to the wall of delights, a crawler harness with  a 36 ” leader,  of 15 # test big game line. Perfect for those Lake Huron Walleye, and actually anywhere. We will also have weedless harnesses available, and the biggest selection of your favorite rigs anywhere, in Michigan and beyond.

Accept no cheap imitations by amateurs. These  rigs  have been built here in Michigan, for 21 years now.

We look forward to seeing you, and soon. The count down is on. Come in, and ask ” which colors are working ? ”





Lorie Rigs will be available as usual, with a few new items added to the arsenal. We will have a crawler harness available for you in 15  # test, with a 36″

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