May 17th, 2016 by Budd

You might just want to get your fishing  gear ready for Bass, and all the other fish we have to offer here.The snow has stopped, the warm air is here, and we’re getting some good reports of very nice Bass fishing. One fellow who stopped today to buy some tubes said he has been catching some nice Bass as big as 20 “. The small mouth bass here are extremely plentiful in our lakes and there is such a wide variety of baits available to use, that it just spells out great sport, and great fun. Night crawlers to  tubes and spinners, Hula Poppers, and Buzz baits, man, life is getting good here again. As the water warms up, and the Bass get their beds ready, the fishing takes on a great frenzy of excitement. Stay close to shorelines, docks, and weed beds, and you’ll find the fish. [ And all the islands on Grand Lake offer great structure for all the fish]

We have been hearing some good reports of Perch fishing from the fellows coming in lately. Most are fishing right off of  their docks, and a few today had their boats with them. Shallow water for the Perch too, as well as the sporadic walleye being caught in about 8 feet of water right now.  The fish are not sporadic, the customers are, but that will soon change as the air stays warm and the winds get calm, which is what the weather pattern shows for the next week here. Some 70’s, a lot of sun.

And good news, the Lorie Rigs Crawler harnesses that were wiped out this past week have been replaced and the fly rig  wall as well,  have been entirely restocked to full capacity. Thanks by the way to those of you who come in to buy cards of our stock, we know you don’t want to run short of your favorite “hot ones”.

Here’s some helpful advice for those of you looking for a simple, and productive way to catch fish, I mean real simple and real fish.  Just put a night crawler on a Lorie Rig crawler harness, or fly rig. Put it in the water.That’s it! We’ll even show you how if you don’t know, and  believe me, this age old method still works for ages 1 to 120.

When you want the best, don’t buy junk, it will only discourage you. Shop for the best, right here. They are made in the USA, Alpena, Mi.


We’re open 8 to 5 daily

8 to 3 Sundays.     This time will increase somewhat during and after Memorial Weekend.

psst: don’t forget to get a 2016 Michigan fishing license. Did you know you can get them on your Smart phones, IPADS, home computer, etc.[ nationwide] Save time, gas and lines, and get them online.


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