December 15th, 2017 by Budd

We have ice on our lakes here now, and yesterday the thickness was reported by customers at 4 “. We say this every year, (since 1993) and we know most of you folks are aware of this but here goes. NO LAKE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SAFE  ALL OVER…  ALL YEAR There. (approved by DNR)

The good news is the fishermen are catching fish, a lot of perch and some very nice walleye. AND they are repeat customers so we know the ice for them was safe. This is from guys on Grand Lake and Long Lake. Our weather is still showing signs of very cold temperatures at night, and cold during the day as well. The lakes are frozen over so the wind has not affected them, or broken up the ice that we are aware of. As for quads and snowmobiles, on the ice, haven’t seen or heard of any yet, but I am sure they will be out there today or soon. We appear to be building ice one inch a day. There is some fluffy snow on the lakes here and there, some drifts, some glare ice, The wind pretty much ruled where the stuff would land and stay.

Hear is the news you want to hear most. The bait being used is mostly Blues, and a lot of Perch shiners too, as well as waxworms.  They are using Lorie’s Fly rigs as expected, and doing very well. We aren’t talking a few dinks here and there either. No. I was asked to NOT to mention GRAND LAKE, or their exact location, so I won’t, yet.

The main thing to remember right now is safety, the second thing …( say it) is BUCKS  BAIT SHOP.We need to see you in here  and do some business and get you out there catching fish. Oh, say, those new colors Lorie made for you in her fly rigs, Dy-No-Mite. As we used to say overseas, ” get some”, is NOT a bad word.

If you can’t tell, Lorie and I are excited  for this season already. Hey, I need to get to the bait shop  and get ready for the bait truck to deliver more minnows today. Hope to see you real soon.






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