February 25th, 2019 by Budd

The Reel Fun fishing tournament has come and gone and the weather for that event held out great. And just in time too. Our next few days were horrible with blizzard conditions after a big rain storm.

Now we are back to cold, check that, VERY cold temps, and some more snow on the way. The lakes here have taken a real beating with weather patterns all winter. The pictures of big beautiful fish taken from these lakes has been wonderful to see. I guess we had the best and worst winter here in the same time frame.

NOW, the big question is what will the last weeks of winter be like for ice fishing. And I really do not know. But we will stay open for business as long as customers keep coming through the door for bait and tackle .  As always, there does come a time when it just does not make sense for me to be here and I will temporarily close until about May 1.

So it’s up to Mother Nature. The weather is totally unpredictable, and this year…wow, crazy .

If we are unable to stay open, we thank you for your patronage, and will look forward to seeing you in May. Our answering machine will tell you when we do close.

But for now







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