January 10th, 2019 by Budd

Our warm spell appears to be over and very cold air is back. Our forecast shows mainly below freezing temps daytime, and way below freezing at night. Low teens and some single digit cold air.

What this means to our lakes is pretty obvious. We will be making ice and safer fishing conditions very soon. But we still have a lot of snow on the lakes and we will still urge you to be very cautious, and treat the lakes as tho they just froze. At least for awhile.

Our business depends on getting you into this shop to go fishing . BUT I will not ever lie to you or make false claims about ice conditions.

We do have people venturing out again, and more will go out each day as ice and confidence re-forms.

    And fishing (catching) is still good this winter. Remember folks., I cannot see the lakes from here. So it is up to you to use good judgment , caution and care. We expect to hear good reports very soon tho and will share that with you when we can.Very soon means by this weekend.

We’re not trying to scare you off, we in fact NEED you here. But you need to be safe and ask questions on the lake. Good times are coming back very soon. We have 4 ice fishing tournaments coming up,the first one Jan. 26. On long lake.

Be careful, be safe, and catch fish with LORIE RIGS AND BAIT😀







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