September 9th, 2018 by Budd

Vacation time for us has arrived. September 14, we will be closed for the fall and re-open Dec 15.

  Wow! May, June, July, August, half of September, gone so fast again. This summer saw plenty of mood swings with the weather and played havoc with traditional fishing habits. Off and on success days and some long periods of non-producing days at the lakes. Then all of a sudden success again. But again, off and on. We heard lots of stories of small walleye, low numbers of bass and small perch. But we heard the opposite from folks too, same days, same lakes. We saw pictures, fish, I have to say, this was a real confusing summer.

It certainly appears that the fish are in the lakes, just not easy to catch for most folks this year.

BUT…winter ice fishing is only 3 months away, and we’re betting better fishing for us is going to happen.

Thank you all for your patronage, see you in December.

I’ll keep you informed from time to time.





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