May 5th, 2018 by Budd

Finally ! The ice has melted on Long and Grand lakes, and we have close to normal North Michigan weather again.

So we’re going to open Bucks Bait and Tackle Friday, May 11, 2018. Our snow is almost gone, only a few mounds here and there left,  and the grass has actually turned very green. Our summer inventory is here, and the bait truck will be here Friday morning. We’ll start off with some giant Canadian crawlers, some leaf worms and minnows.

The incredible “Wall of Fame” has been fully loaded with Lorie Rig Crawler harnesses. We have 24 ” harnesses, 36″ harnesses, and steel harnesses. There are 180 color schemes  to choose from, and a variety of blades and beads. They are priced right and these are not your big box store knock offs (cheap junk) from some unfriendly country. NO SIR.  These are made right here in Alpena Michigan, good ‘ol USA. And we have replenished our incredible edible Perch and Walleye Fly Rig wall. Also made in USA, Alpena, Michigan.

And don’t forget to check out Rockport Harbor for those Lake Huron fish that might be in by the pier right now and into the rest of May. VERY exciting  fishing there.  We have tackle and minnows to attract them to your dinner table.

Why am I so excited about our  summer fishing ? We just had a very tasty PERCH dinner from our lakes, and they were soooo good, but unfortunately, they were the last ones in the freezer.

Okay, enough of the weather reports. We’re ready, are you ?

OPENING MAY 11, 2018



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