March 19th, 2018 by Budd

Spring has arrived on the calender everywhere but ALPENA MICHIGAN is far from being in spring like climate.

That 12 ” snow storm we got March 6 is still on the ground. It has gone down some but we are still largely covered by snow, land and lakes. And our nights are back into the teens. Fishing here on Long or Grand lake has seen a few brave (desperate) people fishing. But that’s it. Of course walleye and pike season is closed inland. This has been a long hard end to winter with no end in sight for a few weeks.

So we wait like every one else and hope some warm front from somewhere will show up and bring in that spring warmth. It always has, but isn’t waiting difficult?

In the meantime, other than whining and complaining, we’ll keep building Lorie Rigs and stocking those racks with summer tackle. So when you do get here we’ll be ready for you.

Easter just a few days away, so enjoy that and we’ll keep you posted here.

We are closed now. Hope to be able to re-open MAY sometime. Weather is the one and only deterrent here right now.




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