February 25th, 2018 by Budd

The winter tournaments are over and folks are asking, “now what”?

Well, that’s a good question. and I’m not sure what’s next. Right now we have rain, and show several days in the 40 degree range. The ice (12 to 24″ thick” is a wet mess right now. Very slippery and a few spots (PER DNR) are showing open water. And not just on top of the ice.


What this means for this bait shop is uncertain. We may be faced with very few (if any) customers due to the ice conditions, and that would force a closure on my part.

    We do close every year by the way when the ice gets bad. Nothing new.

     But I certainly don’t want  this early closure so I’ll leave it up to you.  folks. If you show up here we stay, if not we close. That simple .

If that happens, thanks for your winter business and we’ll see you in May. I will let you know when the closed sign goes on.







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