December 4th, 2017 by Budd

Here we are about to re-open Buck’s Bait and Tackle, and we think it is about time. The Arctic cold front is bearing down on us as we speak, and that beautiful ice is about to form on our lakes. And we are ready.

The minnows will arrive Friday, Dec. 8, and the shop is super stocked with tackle. All we really will need now is to see you folks again and that will be very soon.

Again, to reiterate, as they say, we also have gift certificates for you if you are looking to buy a special gift for someone, credit cards accepted. You choose the amount and you are on your way.

GIFT IDEAS. Hmmmm. Lorie Rigs # 1 on your list. Then, ice fishing rod and reel combos, tip ups, ice slush scoops, “Skinny Dippers”. [ you have to see these to appreciate them], sleds, hand augers and spuds, depth finders, knives, bobbers, hooks, glow hooks, red hooks, aerators, bait buckets, sinkers, Jigging Rapalas, Hali Jigs, Perch talkers, [seriously] Walleye talkers, [ seriously] tear drops, Swedish Pimples, water proof matches and lighters, heaters, propane bottles, safety picks, ice cleats, batteries, minnow nets, OKAY. There are more items but I’m running out of space. How about you come in and shop. And to REALLY entice you, a special guest will be here opening day, Dec. 8. LORIE. We both look forward to seeing you.

For those of you who only fish in the winter, look for our new white sign by the road. And once inside check out all the new “stuff” we have and load up. From Lorie Rigs to Polar tip ups we have a great stock here. The chatter we have had from some customers we have seen out and about tell us they expect a great ice season to follow that great summer we had here. We sure hope they are correct.

And don’t forget to enter in the ice fishing contests put on in the Alpena area. The 1,000 hole “Reel Fun” tournament is Feb 24, we will be selling tickets to that event. The annual Grand Lake ice fishing derby will be Feb 17, and both events are fun and pay off well. There will be a few other ice fishing contests and we will let you know when we find out the times and dates.

That’s it for now, about time.

DEC 8,2017


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