November 1st, 2017 by Budd

November is here already and there are a lot of events happening this month. Bucks Bait shop is still closed but will reopen in about a month. This month we have the end of Daylight savings on Sunday, Nov. 5, and we celebrate Veterans Day Nov 11. Happy veterans day to all my fellow vets. Then, Nov 15, just 2 weeks away our deer season starts for guns. Good luck everyone. Of course there is Thanksgiving on Nov. 23, and soon after that we will re-open.
We have completed our repairs and maintenance projects and the shop looks good and will surprise you with some very nice ice fishing tackle. The weather outlook looks like very cold air coming in by then so we may open earlier than first thought. A lot depends on our live bait delivery dates. I will keep you posted when the date is more secure.
In the meantime, those of you wishing to purchase those Lorie Rigs by phone may certainly do so by calling the Lorie Rig co. at (989) 595-2745. Ask for Lorie.You will need a credit card to place your order. And thanks to all of you who have placed phone orders.
A new item in our shop this year is a gadget called a ” Skinny Dipper”. You may be interested in this tool. It is a summer/ winter tool, that measures fish, assists in removing them from the ice or water, and can be used to chill a beverage in 7 minutes. You can also use it to transport live bait to a spot on the ice without carrying your whole bait bucket..VERY good item.GREAT Christmas gift.
We loaded up on some really nice ice tackle for you as well as sleds, hand augers, spuds, ice cleats,tip ups, ice slush scoops, depth finders, lighters and matches, heaters and propane, tip up line, cold weather line, terminal tackle, and much more.
Wow, we can’t wait to open. So we hope to see you soon. We’ll let you know when the opening day is when we lock it in. And yes, we’ll even leave the lights on for you. 🙂


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