October 4th, 2017 by Budd

Here we are into October already. The bait shop has been closed now for a month, and we have been  doing some repair work, painting, and in general beautifying our bait shop and getting ready for our upcoming winter season. For those of you who might have come by and seen that we were closed, we regret the inconvenience. Closing after Labor Day though, has  been necessary these past 24 years due to the lack of business here after that date . But we do look forward to the winter season fast approaching.

Already we are into deer bow season, and water fowl and other bird hunting.The past month here has been to say the least unusual. We have had 2 mornings now with frost and five days of record heat.But the weather report is not what you log into this site to see.

Our lakes, inland and Lake Huron, are higher than they have been in years. This usually helps fishing a great deal and this past summer on Long and Grand lakes, the fishing was spectacular. The perch fishing was unusually high in yields, and the walleye, blue gill and other pan fish was excellent. The bass fishing was good, but did not seem as robust as previous years. But still,  there was enough bass caught to warrant the effort.

The bass fishing was enhanced by using live bait. We know the ardent bass fishermen and ladies do not use live bait, but the night crawlers and harnesses and Lorie Rigs proved quite effective. And these rigs also were critical to catching those huge numbers of perch.  Minnows was the king  for live bait for the perch.

We have ordered a huge stock of ice fishing tackle for the winter season and look forward to seeing you in December. There will be several ice fishing tournaments in our area, and we’ll keep you posted as to when and where.

*****  If you want to order those Lorie rigs, fly rigs or crawler harnesses, you can do so by calling the Lorie Rig   main office at (989) 595-2745. Ask to speak to Lorie, and she will mail your order out. You’ll need a credit card number, and address and they will be on the way quickly. Do not call the bait shop because there will be no one there to answer your call until December.

Good luck to all of you hunters, and we’ll keep in touch.

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