September 3rd, 2017 by Budd

This has been one great summer for us and our customers. The perch fishing was so good the entire summer in both Grand and Long Lakes that we were pleasantly stunned. The walleye and pike hit good as well and there were a lot of nice blue gills caught on Long Lake as well. We were entertained by the Big League fishing tournament and film crews, and enjoyed this summer as much as anyone. We heard so many compliments from our customers using the Lorie Rig fly rigs with perch minnows that we were very sorry to see the Labor Day holiday come along, the early start to school, and the inevitable slow down in customers due to vacations ending and back to work for so many.

Lorie giving a Fly Rig demonstration.

But September has arrived and we will be saying  goodbye to a lot of folks for a while. We will be closing  the end of this week , Sept 8. Then we will re-open the shop around December 15 for our winter ice fishing season. A few people tell us they wish we could stay open later so they could get bait. That is the problem. Actually there are two problems. The first being that only a few folks want to fish later in the year and that just simply is not profitable enough to remain open. The second reason is our bait deliveries stop due to his meager sales with a very large route.

But there is a bright spot to all of this. Those of you wishing to buy any Lorie rigs, fly rigs or crawler harnesses can do so by calling the owner of that company at (989) 595-2745. Ask for Lorie and she’ll take down your order and mail them to you.You’ll need a credit card.Simple as that.Do not call Bucks Bait shop because there will be no one there.

Thanks again for all your business.

Budd and Lorie


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