August 8th, 2017 by Budd

If you are reading this site you are probably a fisherman. And you probably know the big contests are  over for money. It is after all August. THE final tribute to summer. School starts, vacations end, tourists go home, and, wait a minute. Are you kidding? Have you ever seen wildlife up close and personal, like a beautiful Great Blue Heron?

How about just the beautiful clear blue water we have here, the forests and deer and so on. Yes, this is labeled  “GOD’S COUNTRY” by a lot of people. I believe it, love and never ask “what’s new and exciting?” It’s THIS. So don’t quit and go home or put the boat away. The fish are still biting, and I mean they are really biting. And we will not leave until you do, then it’s time to regroup, repair and prepare for winter fishing.

But that is a ways off. We still have active catching going on in the perch, walleye, bass and other fish. I did say “catching”, not just fishing. You still have time to get in on the action.

Just in case you have been to a bait shop that is OUT of bait, we were not. We have a private bait dealer who is reliable and honest and will keep us in bait as long as there is business to warrant it.

We will be closing though, sometime in September as always. We don’t like to but the business just drops off too much to make it possible to stay open. BUT WAIT.

You will still be able to buy those fantastic Lorie Rig fly rigs. By mail. We have decided to sell them by phone orders. Here’s how. Just call [989] 595-2745 and ask to place an order.  There is a 12 item minimum, but no maximum. The rigs will be shipped ASAP . We’ll need your credit card number, exp date, address, phone, they are $2.75 per item plus shipping. There are four colors available, pink, green, orange and chartreuse. There are 4 hook sizes 2, 4, 6, 8. #2 being the largest. #6 is most common for perch minnows. That’s it. As soon as your credit card clears your order will be shipped next business day.

We hope you have had a very fun filled, successful fishing summer. If you are a tourist or a local resident, we value your business and hope to see you again.




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