January 22nd, 2013 by Budd

We have had some days here with zero temps and more coming. Right now it is minus 4.   Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know that this freezes water, makes ice and so on. So we have new ice.  But we still have pressure cracks, streams, and running water under the ice as both lakes are spring fed and drain into Lake Huron. Current. That combined with underwater springs is what makes any lake tricky to know 100 % 100% of the time, so the old advice comes out “Be careful.”  We obviously have a lot of good ice though, we’re talking about 10 to 12 inches of ice right now in most areas of these lakes. We have a few inches of snow now so quads, snow machines and by foot is definitely doable on the vast majority of the lakes. If you do not know the lakes, then you need to use caution, watch for pressure cracks, avoid them, and speak to folks actually out there on the ice.

We’ve said this for 19 years folks. You are our eyes and ears on the lakes. We do not even see the lakes due to our 11 hour work day, 7 days a week. Dawn to dark. So you need to talk to some one who has boot on the ground, the actual knowledgeable people who can at least save your life  even if they don’t want to give out any good fishing spots.

What we  do know here, is what is selling, and we see pictures and hear comments about fishing adventures.  Here’s what we do know right now. Minnows are working best on Grand lake, Blues to be specific, mostly. A variety of lures, Lorie Rigs, Buckshots, tear drops of all sizes and shapes. The hot colors right now is pink, orange and green. Depth has been about 12 feet but seems to change every day. Long lake is using minnows of three sizes, wigglers, waxies, and the same type of tackle.The super cold air can move those fish quicker than we can be told about it. And they seem to move closer to shore and shallower water. My advice about fishing these lakes, right now? YES. Get some delicious perch while they are active and enjoy the great outdoors as they say. Look the lakes over when you get there, look for signs, people, machines, shanties. BE CAREFUL, come back often.



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